Money Making Ideas

So I’ve been trying to think of different ways to earn money ever since I left my engineering job. I didn’t know it at the time but due to my Autism, I was experiencing many difficulties whilst working that ended up putting a lot of strain on my mental and physical health. So for the time being at least, a working environment isn’t an option for me but this created it’s own issues. Apart from the obvious financial ones, I hate the idea of not being able to contribute to the household which is where my little projects come in. I have been searching for the best ways to make extra money, preferably from the comfort of my own home as I don’t do that well outside.

I knew I wanted to write about money making and saving money pretty early on when I decided to do this blog, mainly because that has been one of my main focuses recently. But when I started to write about online surveys, I realised that I needed to do a completely separate post for them as it was getting far too long so I’ll go into more detail on online surveys in a separate post.

Online Surveys – these can be very time consuming for a small pay off but if you have free time here and there and you do not need instant cash, these can be a good idea. I wouldn’t recommend relying on this income but it can come on handy for gifts or treating your family.

Product Testing – some online survey websites offer product testing as well but not as frequent. You may get invited to try certain products if you opt-in and fit their criteria. From what I can tell, I think you are more likely to get invited if you are actively completing surveys. I have only done a couple so far but I thought they were quite interesting and as they were products I would use anyway it didn’t really feel like a task.

Paid For Searching – Qmee is a chrome extension that I have added which monitors my Google searches. Every now and again a side bar will pop up on the left hand side of my Google results page with a list of sites and an amount of money next to them (usually 5p or 6p). If one of those sites are what I’m after, I just click through that link instead and it credits my account. This is definitely one of those things to sign up for and try and forget about but after a while it adds up. Plus you can cash out with PayPal.

Selling Old Items – this is always a good way to make quick cash and I think it’s surprising how much stuff you can accumulate over time (especially with kids). I have used a few site for selling items but I think my favourite has to be Gumtree. It’s certainly not for everyone, the meeting face-to-face can put people off (Gumtree have a guide on how to stay safe whilst meeting to buy or sell items) and it can get annoying when you get people wasting your time but I like that it doesn’t have to cost me. You can choose to pay to bump up your ad or mark it as urgent but I tend to just put plenty of photos on (up to 9 photos are free) and try to be clear on the item and it’s condition and see how it goes. You get 30 days, after this your ad will expire and you will need to either pay to relist it or create a new ad for free. I have also used eBay and still do from time to time. But I find it so frustrating that I could do really well and sell everything I wanted to, go out and spend the money, for eBay to then send me an invoice a few weeks later when I have forgotten all about it asking for a percentage of my earnings. Don’t get me wrong, it can be great for selling certain items but I tend to try and sell on Gumtree if I can first.

Some other things that I have looked into but haven’t tried yet are:

Website Testing – sites will pay you for your thoughts on their clients websites. I haven’t don’t this yet because a lot of them require either a microphone or a webcam to record your thoughts as you are testing the site. When I looked into it, you download their software onto your PC which records your screen and then you just think out loud while you complete tasks like ‘find the about page’ etc. I must admit part of me thinks this seems like a good idea but I just don’t feel particularly comfortable being recorded.

Fiverr – this site advertises itself as the freelance services marketplace for the lean entrepreneur. Basically offer your skills and people will pay you for it. Once you have signed up you can create a ‘gig’ which can pretty much be anything (as long as it’s legal) and once someone has hired you and the job is completed you get paid. Seems pretty straight forward and they can help you price up what you can offer which is good. I think if you have a specific set of skills (Taken reference :)) you could do well through this site.

Review Music – something else that I thought looked quite good, especially if your into music is Slicethepie. They pay you to review music as well as fashion items, accessories and commercials according to their website. They pay into your PayPal account but they pay in US Dollars no matter where you are based.

These are obviously just a few ideas for making money at home and they do tend to be quite long-term before you see any real pay off but I found that once I got set up and could do bits here and there, I saw the rewards. A few things worth noting with any of these types of sites though:

  • Check the terms and conditions, in particular the payment method and if there is a minimum cash out amount. Sometimes this can be £10 and you could be waiting a very long time before you see any benefit.
  • Create a new email account solely for any of these money making sites with a completely new password that is not linked to anything else. This way if you do get any spam or sign up for the wrong thing it is only that account and that password that is affected.
  • Some sites need your account email address to match your PayPal account email address if that is your preferred method of payment. I found setting up a new PayPal account that matches the email address and that is to be linked with the money making sites only was the best way to do this. This way everything is kept separate so if anything goes wrong it does not impact any of my personal details.
  • It’s always worth checking which payment method will get you the most especially when the options are e-vouchers and PayPal. Sometimes sites will add a fee for cashing out with PayPal (usually 2%) or it will require more points e.g. a £10 Amazon e-voucher is 150 points but £10 PayPal is 165 points.
  • I don’t
  • Do not expect to be paid right away, depending on the payment method there can be a delay of a few days or over a week before you get your reward. Again, check the terms and conditions to be sure.


Love Aurora



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